Home Seattle+WA+Washington hookup sites In the Port Charles, Patrick discovers an effective Dvd one Robin produced and therefore Robin says to Patrick to move into the

In the Port Charles, Patrick discovers an effective Dvd one Robin produced and therefore Robin says to Patrick to move into the

by Eric

In the Port Charles, Patrick discovers an effective Dvd one Robin produced and therefore Robin says to Patrick to move into the

 Luke shows up during the Cassadine Island lab, whenever Jerry comes and says that Dr. Obrecht didn’t build a remedy towards Polonium toxicity that is affecting Jerry, Luke, and you can Sean Donely.  Dr. Obrecht found a far greater doc and then make a cure. Jerry departs Luke in the primary research area, when you find yourself Jerry goes further towards research in which we come across Robin focusing on a remedy.

She notices Dr. Britt Westbourne become onstage while Patrick is actually investing tribute to help you Robin, and you will announcing she is expecting having Patrick’s infant. Soon after, Obrecht will come and demonstrates Britt try the girl ded Ben exactly who she has brought for Robin to control. Robin protects Ben, up until Obrecht has Faison, and shows that he could be Britt’s parents, stating their grandson.

Jerry features Faison Obrecht go back to Port Charles that have Nikolas, Robin, Britt, Ben all held hostage

Robin finds expect Jerry however, Tracy Quartermaine pushes him so it can have in order to Luke. Jerry after that tells Robin and work out some other eliminate or he will pass away and thus have a tendency to she. Once the guy leaves, Robin uses Jerry’s phone to call Patrick however the partnership was very bad, and you will she can’t make it through. Jerry threatens in order to destroy Robin since she don’t conserve him but she claims one she will be able to in the event the she will get the blood of the person which stole the get rid of. Jerry cannot kill Robin however, chooses to simply take Robin back once again to Port Charles to acquire Luke’s bloodstream.

Robin is actually bad from the implementing a remedy, however, Jerry tries to persuade the lady to help you giving their good https://datingranking.net/local-hookup/seattle/ video of your 2013 Nurses’ Baseball, re-created in their prize

Meanwhile, Nikolas involves Cassadine Island having Britt, seeking help her score Ben right back out of Obrecht. The guy works out in search of Robin from the lab, therefore the a couple of her or him refrain. Nikolas reveals that Ben actually Patrick’s guy. Robin possess a close look into an understated Obrecht whenever you are Nikolas seeks to obtain Britt Ben. Although not, Jerry turns up and you will shows he swept up Robin’s moms and dads from the research. Except if Robin concocts a cure, Jerry promises to eliminate Anna Robert in the event that she attempts to wade back into the lady family relations.

The team returns to Port Charles to attempt to generate good cure of Luke Spencer’s blood. Britt takes Ben to get examined within Standard Medical, and you may learns Patrick are engaged in order to their spouse Sabrina Santiago. Robin sneaks out on Halloween party for the disguise, and observes Patrick, Emma and Sabrina. She efficiency home, sad observe that the lady place has been occupied by some body more. Robin next says to Faison she thinks Jason could rescue the lady, however, Faison tells this lady which he killed Jason the entire year in advance of, and you can Robin try heartbroken whenever she discovers a newspaper post that confirms they.

Luke involves area, and visits GH discover their blood checked. Robin might be able to slip in and also a sample having review. While you are she actually is here, even in the event, Patrick and Sabrina stop by, and you can she’s to hide. Later, Carlos Rivera, Sabrina’s old boyfriend-date, turns up, and you can Robin attempts to shelter when he says he knows this lady. Robin tries to produce the antidote using Luke’s blood, that have Britt’s help. Yet not, Robert Anna appear, which have overpowered Jerry and you may rescue Britt, Nikolas, Robin. Robin is also reunited into real Duke, with come back to Port Charles, too. Robin rushes off to avoid Patrick’s relationships, when you’re Anna and Robert handle Obrecht Faison.

Robin visits the fresh new chapel where Patrick Sabrina is getting the vows, and is hesitant to step in. Exactly as they might be planning to be announced “guy and you will girlfriend,” Emma areas the woman and you will operates in order to the lady. The entire congregation sees this lady as well and an incredibly surprised Patrick. Patrick goes to the lady and you may she explains how it happened. Robin tells him he needs to go type something out that have Sabrina. Robin are troubled when Patrick states he didn’t break up which have Sabrina, just in case the guy asks this lady to come household, she declines and you will goes toward stay with Anna rather.